Your finances, retirement and legacy arrangements can be difficult and emotional subjects. Rather than providing a rigid template, we define your current financial position and customize a flexible plan. Importantly, organizing the work and establishing goals today will help decision-making in the future when life intervenes. It is our intent to respect your wishes and address any concerns at every step of the way.

There are two types of client engagements:

  1. Comprehensive Planning: Comprehensive financial plans are offered to provide a framework for choices to be made immediately and as life progresses. A plan typically includes snapshots of your Personal Balance Sheet, Cash Flow with evaluation of Investment, Protection, and Retirement positions. With these in place, objectives such as education planning, business monetization, and estate decisions can be made within one complete framework.

  2. Single Goal Implementation: Specific goals change along life's path. Some clients prefer to tackle these as the need becomes their priority. Typical situations include planning for a child's education, disposition of a business, Investment of inherited assets, and/or Estate Planning. Assisting with single goals can be built onto an existing plan framework or tackled as single interaction.

Whether a comprehensive plan or goal-based approach is desired, Andy's project management experience lends to a universal project management process. Your participation in each step of the process will help clarify decisions needed today and those choices deferred until later. Once implemented, regular review of progress will be monitored and updated within this defined framework.

  1. Discuss – Establish and document your current position, desires and goals. Holistically identify and prioritize competing objectives.

  2. DESIGN – Determine effective strategies for meeting your goals. Education related to the risks and benefits of proposed options against your objectives will enable active decision making.

  3. Deliver – Implement and monitor risk- appropriate solutions. Systematic execution and regular review will help allow achievement of your desires when things work out and measured adjustments when life intervenes.

Compass showing steps in process